Fish in Gudenåen and on the lakes

Gudenåen is very species-rich with around 30 fish species. There's something for every taste in fish. Here you'll find lake, brook and sea trout, bream, zander and pike. Most of all, however, Gudenåen is probably best known as a great place to hook salmon. Read about the possibilities on this page.

River or lake

Foto: Jan Karnøe
Angling between Tørring and Klostermølle

Angling between Tørring and Klostermølle

Foto: Silkeborg Kommune
Angling in Søhøjlandet

Angling in Søhøjlandet

Foto: Tobias Park
Salmon fishing in Gudenåen

Salmon fishing in the lower Gudenå river

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Put and Take lakes release fish that visitors can fish for a fee before the fishing starts. Some lakes have a limit on the number of fish caught per hour. The fish stocked in Danish Put and Take lakes are most often rainbow trout, brown trout, tiger trout, mountain trout, golden trout, silver trout or brown trout – depending on the season and the owner’s choice. The methods most commonly used are fly fishing, spinning and trolling. At Gudenåen you will find:

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