Experience Gudenåen from the waterside

Get ready for unique nature experiences, freedom and birdsong

Foto: Silkeborg Kommune

In a canoe on Gudenåen

A canoe trip on Gudenåen is a magnificent nature experience for both children and adults. Canoeing is a great way to drift and at the same time an active vacation close to nature where everyone can join in. Gudenåen offers great contrasts – from the narrow and relatively undeveloped ride in the south, through the more active Søhøjland and to the wide river valley in the north, where the river eventually becomes a magnificent delta.

Foto: Niceshot David Jervidal

Canoeing on the southern part of Gudenåen

Experience the narrow and winding stretches of Gudenåen on the southern part from Tørring to Klostermølle. Suitable for families with children, beginners.

Canoeing in Søhøjlandet

In Søhøjlandet you pass several lakes and there is more activity. Possibility of multiple detours. The distance between Klostermølle and Silkeborg is approximately 30 km.

Canoeing on the northern part of Gudenåen

Between Silkeborg and Randers, the river is wider and there are many opportunities to go ashore and experience unique cultural history - such as a visit to one of the many barge taverns.

Where you can rent canoes and kayaks

There are several options for renting canoes, kayaks and supboards on Gudenåen. Rental sailing on Gudenåen is regulated for the sake of nature and other user groups. That’s why rental canoes are marked with a registration number and the rental company’s logo. You can find a list of the approved rental companies on Gudenåen – both those that rent for long trips and those that only rent for hourly sailing – by following the link below.

List of landlords
Foto: Niceshot David Jervidal

In a kayak on Gudenåen

The Gudenå River is perfect for kayaking, and you can experience both dense urban environments and absolute tranquility in untouched nature.
Know the rules before you go
Foto: Favrskov Kommune

In a rowing boat on Gudenåen

Gudenåen can also be experienced in a rowing boat.

There are around 10 rowing and kayaking clubs along Gudenåen and its tributaries. Most members enjoy daily trips in the local area, but many members also row the entire Gudenåen and its tributaries. In addition, many guests come every year to enjoy a day trip, a weekend trip or perhaps a week-long rowing vacation. The same rules apply for rowing boats as for canoes.

Read about the rules for sailing here
Foto: Jens Szabo

In a motorboat on Gudenåen and the lakes

All motorboats in Gudenåen and on the lakes must be registered - either with a permanent registration number or a guest number.
In a motorboat
Foto: Silkeborg Kommune

Nørreåen - approx. 40 km

Did you know that you can also sail on Nørreåen? Between Rindsholm south of Viborg and Fladbro west of Randers runs Nørreåen, which is probably the calmest place you can sail in the Gudenås system. Nørreåen is narrow and with a weak current – the most demanding part from Rindsholm to Tapdrup. Be aware that facilities are few and far between. Find them on the Gudenå map.

Nørreåen runs through a wide river valley to Fladbro, where it merges with Gudenåen 700 meters further out and continues to Randers.

Nørreåen is a very special natural area characterized by meadows, marshland and narrow plots of land down to the river. The river only drops about 4 meters in total, which is why the meadows are often flooded.

Find Nørreåen on the Gudenå map