Foto: Claus Moestrup, Favrskov Kommune

The iconic Gudenå river

Gudenåen is Denmark's longest river. On its way from spring to fjord, it flows through one of the country's most beautiful glacial landscapes. Here you will experience the great variation in nature and landscape and find traces of how people have lived with and by the river throughout history. And still do in the many towns that line the river.

Gudenåen is Denmark’s longest river. Approximately 160 kilometers from its source in Tinnet Krat to its outlet in Randers Fjord. On its long way to the sea, Gudenåen grows from hundreds of springs into an impressive stream before spreading out into an adventurous delta. Water has flowed here for millennia – first through frozen glacial Denmark, naked tundra, dense primeval forest and up to modern times. The water still follows the ice edge from the last ice age, but the landscape has changed – and is still changing. The water rises and falls, spreads and continues to gather endlessly – giving life to unique species. Along the river there are unique sights – the great watershed where Gudenåen originates, Denmark’s highest and most southern landscape, Himmelbjerget, Denmark’s largest forest area, one of the country’s oldest tourist areas, mighty and bird-rich wetlands, a grandiose river delta, breathtaking panoramic views, miles of luxurious boardwalks, historic monasteries, castles and manor houses, historic bridges, countless
relics and sacrificial finds.

More about the iconic Gudenå river

The cultural history of Gudenåen

People have lived off and with Gudenåen for thousands of years. The many settlements, monasteries, watermills and towns bear witness to this. Photo: From Klostermølle by Aleksander Mogensen

Nature and landscape

The landscape of the Gudenådalen valley was created by a rapid meltwater flood more than 10,000 years ago. Both landscape and nature are unique in Denmark.

Water and climate change

Gudenåen collects water from an area the size of Funen. Combined with climate change, this creates challenges. But also unique nature experiences.

The three sections of Gudenåen

From the narrow river course through the dramatic Lake Highlands to open expanses and delta - learn more about the three sections of the Gudenå River
Gudenåen SYD, MIDT and NORD
Foto: Claus Moestrup, Favrskov Kommune