Current Updates on the Major Trail Project and Everything Else Happening Around the Gudenå River

On this page, you can keep track of our progress on the major trail project and the many other projects happening around the Gudenå River. You can also find information about current events and other activities taking place along the Gudenå River.


The stork meadow in Randers inaugurated

With Storkeengen, the Gudenå meadows and the city of Randers will be tied even more closely together. The stork meadow also protects the basements in Randers from flooding.

Gudenåen has a new website

Gudenåen is getting a new website that will communicate the many experiences on and around Gudenåen. Whether you want to hike, sail, fish, cycle or just visit some of the many attractions, you can find inspiration at
Projektet ”Gudenåstien – fra kilde til fjord” er støttet af A.P. Møller Fonden og Nordea-fonden samt de 11 projektparter. Læs mere om projektet her