Gudenåen MIDDLE - Lake District and panoramic views

From Klostermølle to Silkeborg, the river Gudenå runs through the beautiful Lake District, Søhøjlandet. Experience the undulating mosaic landscape, the magnificent views and the sea-green nature that is good for body and soul.

Experiences in the Recreational Lake Highlands

Beneath the nationally famous Himmelbjerget mountain, a wavy mosaic landscape spreads where the Gudenå River flows through one of Denmark’s oldest tourist areas. The lakes offer peace and beauty and are a beautiful jewel in the Danish landscape.Experience Himmelbjerget – and the many other breathtaking views. Hike the Himmelbjergruten. Experience Søhøjlandet from the waterside.Ride on one of Denmark’s best MTB trails – Denmark’s Roof. Or combine your tour and hop on and off one of the tour boats.

Experience Søhøjlandet


Himmelbjerget is one of the most iconic places by Gudenåen and in Søhøjlandet. It towers 125 meters above the surface of Juelsø. The average gradient is 6.4, but the views of the lakes and forests of Søhøjland are well worth it! The Himmelbjergtårnet tower at the top bears witness to the site's special history of Blicher and the history of democracy. Since the author Steen Steensen Blicher first called for a national and popular revival on Himmelbjerget in 1839, the place has been an iconic national gathering place and a constitutional festival is still held on Himmelbjerget every year on June 5.
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Experience Søhøjlandet

Himmelbjergruten around the lakes

Experience Søhøjlandet on foot along the Himmelbjergruten route, which follows the lakes between Ry Station and Silkeborg Station. The route north of the lakes is approximately 25 km. Here you can combine your trip with the train that stops in both Laven and Sejs. The route south of the lakes is also about 25 km. Please note that the route from Ry and about 6 km towards Silkeborg is called Aarhus-Silkeborg Vandreruten. Where the lakes are narrowest, between Skyttehuset Outdoorcamp and Restaurant Ålekroen, you can take a bike ferry across and shorten your trip.
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Himmelbjergruten Nord
Experience Søhøjlandet

MTB Denmark Day

Danmarks Tag is one of Denmark's best mountain bike trails! And it's not for beginners! There are loops, jumps, brakes and hairpin turns - narrow, steep and turns on roots. The trail has several fun and wild descents, including 'Dead Cow', 'Black Gold' and 'The Blacksmith'. With the many descents, there are of course also a lot of ascents where there are many meters of altitude to gain.
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POV image of a mountain biker following another biker on a trail
Foto: Silkeborg Kommune
Experience Søhøjlandet

The Hjejle boats

The 9 historic Hjejle boats are a unique part of Søhøjlandet. Inaugurated in 1861 and the world's oldest coal-fired paddle steamer, "Hjejlen" is the pearl of the fleet. During the summer, the boats sail between Silkeborg, Himmelbjerget, Laven and Ry - and make several stops along the way. See sailing times and ports of call via the link below. Søhøjlandet offers a unique opportunity to combine your hike or bike ride with a trip on one of the historic herring boats.
The Hjejlen and the tour boats (external link)
Experience Søhøjlandet

In canoe, kayak or on sup

There are several options to rent a canoe, kayak or sup in Søhøjlandet, and it is also possible to purchase a guided two-day tour - see more via the link below. Experience Gudenåen and its many lakes from the waterside.
Experience Søhøjlandet from the waterside
Foto: Silkeborg Kommune
Experience Søhøjlandet

Silkeborg - Denmark's outdoor capital

Silkeborg is an ideal starting point for trips around Gudenåen and in Søhøjlandet. As well as being in the heart of nature with easy access to routes, trails and magnificent views and places to visit, there are also plenty of options for accommodation and equipment rental. In addition, there are many events - including
Silkeborg - Denmark's Outdoor Capital
vestre søbad silkeborg
Experience Søhøjlandet


Ry is also an obvious starting point when you want to experience Gudenåen and Søhøjlandet. In Ry there are shopping and accommodation options and cozy museums and cafés. From here you can hike, sail, cycle - take the train or tourist to Himmelbjerget or laven.
Experience Søhøjlandet

Øm Monastery Museum

South of Mossø is Øm Kloster Museum, which tells the history of the monasteries. And there have been many of them at Gudenåen. You can also head a little further south and visit Klostermølle, where Voer Kloster was located in the Middle Ages. Find them on the Gudenå map.
Øm Kloster Museum (external link)
Øm Kloster Museum

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