The project
“Gudenåstien – from source to fjord”

170 kilometers of trail along Denmark's longest river

The project "Gudenåstien - from source to fjord" is a three-year project to establish a coherent and uniformly marked hiking route with support facilities all the way from the source of the Gudenå River in Tinnet krat to its outlet in Randers Fjord. The trail will be 170 kilometers in total and runs through 8 municipalities and 3 units of the Danish Nature Agency. The path is already established in some places, so the project is to

  • Close the gaps
  • improve routes
  • signs uniformly
  • convey POIs
  • establish support facilities
The project is worth DKK 57 million and is supported by the Nordea Foundation and the A.P. Møller Foundation (both funds DKK 15 million) and the 11 project partners. Favrskov municipality is the lead partner on the project, which is why the project manager is employed here.

Contact project manager Thomas Brandt Ebbesen:
send an email
2133 6940

The trail project is supported by A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal and Nordea-fonden – as well as the 11 project partners: Vejle Municipality, Hedensted Municipality, Horsens Municipality, Skanderborg Municipality, Silkeborg Municipality, Favrskov Municipality, Viborg Municipality and Randers Municipality as well as Naturstyrelsen Trekantsområdet, Naturstyrelsen Søhøjlandet and Naturstyrelsen Kronjylland.




The planned course of the Gudenå Trail

The Gudenå Trail will consist of already well-known hiking routes – primarily the Trækstien trail between Silkeborg and Randers and the Himmelbjergruten between Ry and Silkeborg. In addition, there is a stretch between Voervadsbro and Emborg bridge that is already named Gudenåstien. There is also a path between the spring and Uldum Kær, but it is not yet connected as one coherent route. North of Uldum Kær and as far as Vestbirk, there is currently no path – this will be established in the project. When the project is complete, you can walk along the Gudenåen trail from source to fjord. Trækstien and Himmelbjergruten will continue to be named as now, but will also be part of the Gudenå Trail.

Toolbox for project partners

All project partners who make or have boards etc. made for the project "Gudenåstien - from source to fjord" are obliged to use the approved designs, pictograms, base maps etc. All files and instructions can be downloaded from the digital toolbox. Here you will also find specifications for material selection etc. To access the Digital Toolbox, download the team app and contact Project Manager Thomas Brandt Ebbesen who can give you access. Write to Thomas at or call 21336940.