Gudenåen SOUTH - narrow rivers and otherworldly atmosphere

From Tinnet Krat to Klostermølle, Gudenåen runs from its source through the land of Gudar. This is the origin of the legend of the demigod Gudar, who created the meanders and name of the river Gudenå. In this otherworldly landscape, nature's beauty surpasses itself.

Experiences in Gudar's Land

On this stretch, man is small in the grand scheme of things. Here, the Gudenå River flows from its source through the land of Gudar. In this otherworldly landscape, nature’s beauty surpasses itself.Here nature seems untouched and enchanted at the spring and along the narrow stream – and the jungle-like river banks, clusters of water primroses, tree crowns above the water and the marsh cone brewing.Legend has it that the demigod Gudar robbed the beautiful Else and thereby created the meanders and name of Gudenåen.For thousands of years, humans have lived in harmony with nature along this stretch. The landscape here invites silence, peace and contemplation.The Great Watershed, the country’s largest oak scrub, Tinnet Krat, babbling springs, Denmark’s largest fen area, Uldum Kær, with plant and animal life worthy of special preservation, unique views from Sukkertoppen and not least The Rediscovered Bridge.

Discover in the land of Gudar

The source of Gudenåen

The Gudenåen springs area is iconic! Denmark's longest river - Gudenåen - originates just a few hundred meters apart and runs to the east, and Denmark's most water-rich river - Skjern å - runs to the west. Down between the two springs runs the ancient Hærvej. There is a small parking lot close to the springs. If you want to walk further, there is a parking lot for long-term parking at Koutrupgaard.
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gudenåens udspring
Discover in the land of Gudar


Tørring is one of the few towns on the southernmost stretch of Gudenåen. It is therefore a great place to visit when you want to experience Gudenåen! Stay at Tørring Camping and hike to the source of Gudenåen. Or go the opposite way - in Uldum Kær, where there are many fine trails and beautiful nature to experience. Tørring is also a good place to stock up before your canoe or bike trip.
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Foto: Ebbe Pedersen, kano- og kajakklubben Gudenå
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Uldum Kær

Uldum Kær is a large fen area east of Tørring. Originally it was a large lake through which the river Gudenå ran. But gradually the lake became overgrown with peat moss, among other things. Both during 1. and During World War 2, peat was dug in the bog. Today, the old peat pits can be seen as square lakes.
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Foto: Hedensted Kommune, Uldum Kær
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The Rediscovered Bridge

The bridge stands today as a symbol of beautiful industrial engineering after it was restored to its former glory in 2014. The red steel lattice bridge was the highest of its kind in the Nordic region when it was built in 1899, and today it has both railings and planks to walk on, so visitors can enjoy the view of Denmark's only river, Gudenåen.
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Den Genfundne Bro
Foto: Mads Østergaard
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The Gudenå Trail between Voervadsbro and Klostermølle

One of the lesser-known hiking routes along the Gudenåen is the stretch between Voervadsbro and Klostermølle. The river valley is narrow and you walk with the river on one side and the high valley slope created by the water masses when the ice melted away over 10,000 years ago on the other. Just south of Klostermølle you'll pass one of Gudenåen's many vantage points - Sukkertoppen with views over Mossø and up to Gl. Rye.
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Discover in the land of Gudar

Sukkertoppen and Klostermølle

This wonderful attraction combines beautiful nature with interesting cultural history. The old Benedictine monastery and paper mill is now a popular destination for picnics. There are old listed buildings, a small exhibition and a lookout tower overlooking Jutland's largest lake, Mossø.
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tørreladen klostermølle
Foto: Aleksander Mogensen

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