Gudenåen’s three stretches –


Gudenåen is varied and offers very different experiences. From the winding, narrow river in the SOUTH to the dramatic glacial landscape of the Great Lakes in the MIDDLE to the wide river valley and magnificent delta in the NORTH. The three routes all offer unique natural and cultural experiences:

  • NORTH from Randers to Silkeborg, the land of bargemen, where the river has the character of a river and passes unique traces of human life with and by the river
  • MIDDLE from Silkeborg to Klostermølle, the recreational Søhøjland, where the activity is greater and the landscape magnificent and dramatic
  • SOUTH from Klostermølle to the source of Gudenåen, Gudars land, where the river is narrow and you get the intimate nature experience
Gudenåens NORTH

Open expanses and beautiful boardwalks in the Land of Bargemen

From Silkeborg to Randers, the river Gudenå runs through the landscape of bargemen, which for hundreds of years was an important waterway and transportation route in Denmark. Discover a world of water through adventurous wilderness, past the country's largest dammed lake and under historic bridges.
Land of the Bargemen
Gudenåen MIDDLE

The Lake District Søhøjlandet and panoramic views

From Klostermølle to Silkeborg, the river Gudenå runs through the beautiful Søhøjland. Experience the undulating mosaic landscape, the magnificent views and the sea-green nature that is good for body and soul.
The Lake District Søhøjlandet
Gudenåen SOUTH

Small streams and an otherworldly atmosphere in Gudars Land

From Tinnet Krat to Klostermølle, Gudenåen runs from its source through the land of Gudar. This is the origin of the legend of the demigod Gudar, who created the meanders and name of the river Gudenå. In this otherworldly landscape, nature's beauty surpasses itself.
Land of Gudar