SOUTH - Land of Gudar

Regional route 33 - from source to Øm Kloster

You follow the Gudenå River from its source and north to Øm Kloster. Along the way, you'll pass Klostermølle, among other places.

Regional route 33 - approx. 50 km

Between the source of Gudenåen at the Jutland ridge and Øm Kloster north of Mossø is regional cycle route no. 33. It follows the west side of Gudenåen and runs on smaller, paved roads. Between Tønning and Træden, it is crossed by regional route 31, a disused railway between Silkeborg and Horsens. Between the source and regional route 31 is 33 km; between Øm Kloster and Tønning/Træden is 17 km. There are several accommodation options – find them on the Gudenå map. By combining with regional route 30, you can get all the way to Randers.