Himmelbjergruten is a 52 km long hiking route that goes around the Himmelbjerg lakes - between Ry station in the east and Silkeborg station in the west. Along the way, breathtaking views and stories of artists and writers are hidden in the landscape. Combine your trip with the tour boats or the bike ferry between Skyttehuset's camping and Ålekroen.

Experience Søhøjlandet along the Himmelbjergruten

Himmelbjergruten takes you through Søhøjlandet between Ry Station and Silkeborg Station. The route goes both north and south of the lakes.

In the middle of the route, you can cross the lakes at Restaurant Ålekroen and Skyttehuset’s Outdoor Camp, where a solar-powered ferry is deployed during the summer months. The tour can also be shortened – or supplemented – by taking one of the Hjejle boats or the train on the north side of the lakes.

Himmelbjergruten north or south

Himmelbjergruten north of the lakes

North of the lakes, you can see several beautiful views - some of them are old ramparts, such as Dynæs and Gammelkol. You can combine the trip with the train that stops in Laven and Svejbæk.

Himmelbjergruten south of the lakes

On the trip south of the lakes, you'll pass the iconic Himmelbjerg mountain and other beautiful viewpoints. Combine your trip with one of the Hjejle boats.