Churches and monasteries

There have been 15 monasteries by the Gudenåen in the Middle Ages. Not much remains of them today, but the places have a special atmosphere. You'll find them on this page - along with several of Gudenåen's many churches.

Foto: Øm Kloster Museum

Churches and monasteries in the south, center and north

Foto: Destination Kystlandet
SOUTH - Land of Gudar

Churches and monasteries south

Sct. Sørens Kirke, Gl. Rye. Foto: Bendt Nielsen
MIDDLE - The Lake District, Søhøjlandet

Churches and monasteries in the middle

NORTH - The Land of Bargemen

Churches and monasteries north

Listen to the podcast about the monasteries at Gudenåen

Museums and municipalities along the Gudenå publish podcasts about the cultural history of the Gudenå. The Closer to Heaven series is about monasteries
Podcast about the cultural history of Gudenåen
Foto: Øm Kloster Museum