MIDDLE - The Lake District, Søhøjlandet

Himmelbjergruten - south of the lakes

The Himmelbjergruten route south of the lakes is approximately 26 km. On the trip you'll pass Himmelbjerget and Denmark's cleanest freshwater lake, Slåensø.

Short description of the route

On the Himmelbjergruten south route, you'll pass the iconic Himmelbjerg, famous for democracy meetings - past and present, Slåensø - Denmark's cleanest freshwater lake, Klüver's canal connecting Brassø and Avnssø - and Museum Jorn. Please note that the Himmelbjergruten route between Himmelbjerget and Ry coincides with and is signposted as the Aarhus-Silkeborg Hiking Route.

Himmelbjergruten south

The top of Himmelbjerg is 147 meters above sea level and 125 meters above lake level.

Please note that for the first 6 km or so from Ry, the route is signposted as Vandreruten Århus – Silkeborg.

You can combine your hike with a trip on one of the Hjejle boats or take the sun-driven bike ferry at Skyttehuset camping and over to the northern shore.

There are several parking options, and you can take the train to and from both Silkeborg and Ry.



Experience along the way

When you walk the Himmelbjergruten route south of the lakes, you can experience Lake Slåensø and Klüver's canal in addition to Himmelbjerget.
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