SOUTH - Land of Gudar

Gudenåstien - from source to Uldum Kær

This stretch from the source of the Gudenå River, close to the Jutland ridge, to Uldum Kær follows signposted routes, but the trail is not yet marked as Gudenåsti.

Foto: Hedensted Kommune

The Gudenå Trail between Kilde and Uldum Kær

Gudenåen originates in the Great Watershed - that is, where the water divides and flows west and east respectively. The two major rivers, Gudenåen and Skjern, originate just a few hundred meters apart. And down the middle between the two springs runs the Hærvejen.

The trail to Tørring runs through an exceptionally beautiful and varied landscape. Gudenåen is initially just a small stream, but from just before Tørring the landscape opens up more.

From the source of Uldum Kær

The source of Gudenåen is usually reached by car. You can park close to the source of Gudenåen in a small parking lot. Or you can park for the long term at Koutrupgaard.

You can also start in Tørring, where you can park your car or take the bus and where there are several options for eating and staying overnight.

The trail can be challenged by water, especially at Jomfru Hale about 5 km northwest of Tørring. There are no alternative nature trails, but there are public roads that can be used all year round.

Experience along the way

Use the Gudenå map to find attractions along the route - the source area, Uldum Kær og Mølle, podcasts and more.
Find experiences along the way on the Gudenå map