SOUTH - Land of Gudar

Gudenåstien - from Voervadsbro to Klostermølle

From Voervadsbro you can follow Gudenåen north to Klostermølle - and on to Emborg Bro. On the trip, you'll pass Sukkertoppen with beautiful views of Gudenådalen and Mossø.

Foto: Bendt Nielsen

Short description of the route

The trip from Voervadsbro to the viewpoint Sukkertoppen is one of the most beautiful along the entire Gudenåen - with the river on one side and the striking riverbanks on the other. From Sukkertoppen, the trail continues to Klostermølle, a former monastery and paper mill. From Klostermølle you can continue to Ry and Silkeborg and Randers.

The route between Voervadsbro and Klostermølle is signposted as Gudenåruten with red dots and arrows. For example, you can park

On the map, the route is shown all the way to Emborg Bro – because today it is called Gudenåstien on that stretch. In recent years, however, work is underway to link the stretches along the Gudenå River into a coherent and uniformly signposted Gudenå Trail.

Read more about the trail project here

Experience along the way

Between Voervadsbro and Klostermølle you can use the Gudenå map to find experiences and stories in the landscape
Find experiences using the Gudenå map
Tørreladen ved Klostermølle, foto: Bendt Nielsen
The protected drying barn at Klostermølle. Photo: Aleksander Mogensen
Foto: Aleksander Mogensen